The SCRAP experiment is now official!

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So it might be a good idea to share with you the very recent developments for the REXUS SCRAP experiment, namely that we are now SELECTED! Out of the 9 presentations during the selection workshop (and of course out of the several other experiments that didn’t even make it that far) we proved ourselves to be one of the 4 best. Good job to everyone in the SCRAP team:

An (old) team picture of the SCRAP team.

Nicola Schlatter,
Alexander Karlsson,
Antonio Gurciullo,
Hannes Lindström,
Ladislas Vignitchouk‎,
Lucas Mascagni,
Marcus Winroth,
Matteo Crimella,
Rasmus Bergström,
Simon Westerlund
and Team Leader Hannah Lindberg.

Here’s hoping for an interesting 2 years ahead, including both hard work, but also success and team spirit.

SCRAP team


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