Project Management

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A vital part of any project is the project management, this involves breaking down the milestones within a project, defining deadlines and making sure that people are following these deadlines. It also involves to keep track of what everyone is working on and how it all is progressing. We have created a weekly log system within SCRAP where each member reports what they have done during the week which makes this part of the project management easier. With the logs as guidelines, we have to be critical if we are keeping a good enough speed to meet our deadlines or if something needs to be addressed.

In SCRAP, the project management also includes planing the meetings, estimating a budget, sharing general information etc. The more comprehensive a project is and the more people involved the higher importance a working project management has for the progress and communication between the team members to work. Working in a real project of this size also teach you that project management could involve pretty much anything, from advising logo designs, picking up SCRAP Tshirts from a storage in the middle of nowhere and traveling to interesting REXUS events that sometimes due to extreme weather circumstances can ground you in Amsterdam for a couple of days.

In charge of the project management is the team leader Hannah Lindberg and assistant project manager Rasmus Bergström, both are also supported by the supervisors. Currently Hannah and Rasmus are focusing on putting the outreach plan into action, completing the project management sections in the SED and selecting which students to send to the Student Training Week & Preliminary Design Reviews (PDRs) 3-7 March, at SSC, Esrange Space Center in Kiruna.


Rasmus & Hannah at SNSB/ESA Selection Workshop, ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk NL


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