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Throughout the upcoming spring term, four bachelor students from the programme Engineering Physics at KTH will be doing their bachelor thesis projects as part of the SCRAP experiment. Three of these students are new to the SCRAP team and will hopefully be fully involved with the project as a whole. If they so choose, they may also continue working with the experiment beyond the completion of their theses.

The bachelor students and their respective theses are as follows:

  • Hannes Lindström and Mikael Nivala Fernberg – Interaction between metallic microparticles and ionspheric plasma:
    The project is about modelling the electrical charging and confinement of dust grains in the plasma. This will allow more insight into how the variation of involved parameters affect the outcome and lay ground for an optimal choice of material and size of the particles.
  • Joel Harsten – Optical observation of microparticles in the ionosphere:
    This involves the design and construction of a spectrograph that will be used to optically detect the scattering of light on the particles. Since this cannot be detected from the ground, it is a key instrument to confirm proper injection and interpret radar observations.
  • Linnea Persson – Microparticle ejector for rocket experiment:
    The spray approach to particle injection will be verified both numerically and experimentally in this project. The nozzle configuration, the particle-agent volume ratio and the required ejection rates are free parameters that must be chosen through testing to ensure a sufficient atomization.

As of yesterday, the work on the projects has officially begun. A presentation was given by the projects’ supervisors with a more detailed description on what the students will be doing and a tour of the facilities at the Alfvén Laboratory followed.

Two of the new SCRAP team members: Linnea and Mikael
Two of the new SCRAP team members: Linnea and Mikael

We welcome the new team members and look forward to a productive (and fun) spring!

/The SCRAP team


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