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In the post of January 13 we presented the vacuum chamber, a fundamental tool that we need in order to conduct the tests on the release of the metal particles. 

We are proud to announce that this week we made it happen! 

We began last Tuesday by completing the assembly of the chamber, like closing its openings and connecting the pump. Once all the elements were properly placed, we moved on with the first test: the test of the chamber itself! We let the pump run for more than 15 hours over night to check the presence of leaks and….. the pressure was constant and down to 7 Pascal! Success! Image

At this point we were able to study the release system inside the chamber. According to the fact that the spray approach design is still under investigation, we started with the “gunpowder approach” testing the explosive alone, at first, and finally, on Friday, we released an amount of aluminum particles in the vacuum of the chamber. Image

The next step will investigate the release of the copper particles in the chamber and their collection by means of glass fiber filters.

Stay tuned for the next updates!

/The SCRAP Team 


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