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The SCRAP experiment is based on a truly interesting and ambitious idea. However, a great idea is only an idea without the means of realizing it.

The SCRAP experiment is fortunate to work with the excellent support provided mainly from Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH). Via KTH the SCRAP experiment has access to well equipped labs and workshops for testing and manufacturing in the student workshop, currently being built up at the School of Electrical Engineering. In this workshop the team has access to tools, manufacturing machines, soldering equipment, microscopes, test equipment etc.

Also, the team is being supported by experienced supervisors from KTH and Stockholm University (SU). KTH has  actually participated in the REXUS programme six years in a row now! This means that a lot of expertise and knowledge is readily available to the team, if required. It also means that a lot of junk from previous experiments is available for the SCRAP team to use, such as GPS antennas, radio beacons, satellite modems etc. This makes the experiment progress possible and gives the team an opportunity to realize the full potential of this grand idea.

kth_logo nytt mŠrket med ordbild

Speaking of opportunity, the SCRAP team would also like to thank the KTH Opportunities Fund for supporting the experiment financially and giving the SCRAP team the opportunity to purchase the required components but also to give more team members the chance to participate in several interesting and valuable learning experiences.

Without this support the construction of the SCRAP experiment would truly become a more cumbersome challenge. Thank you for the support!

Of course, we’re also hoping for a fruitful future cooperation with interested  sponsors. If interested, don’t hesitate to contact us 😉


The SCRAP team


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