Computers are magic

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The most crucial part of the electronics in the SCRAP experiment is the computer the will carry out the experiment. This computer allows us to carry out the experiment in a controlled manner. The computer used is a Field Programmable Gate Array of FPGA for short. Even tough you probable never heard of this type of computer, chances are that you have one in you pocket right now. They exist in everything from avionics to surgical systems. There also exist similar computer systems which does not require as much effort to use. These are known as microprocessors and can be compared to the CPU of your desktop. Whith these computers you can do all kind of crazy stuff. Here is a link to cool things you can do with a microprocessors.

So if you have alot of empty beer cans, why not make a new keyboard out of them? or build your own quadrocopter, or find a cheap way to stream video from your computer to your tv? Computers are just magic dont you think?

/The SCRAP Team


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