Happy Valentine’s Day From the SCRAP Laboratory!

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Happy Valentine's Day From the SCRAP Laboratory!

What would Valentine’s day be without SCRAP? ❤ We think not complete! Therefore we finished a school presentation this morning for our supervisors to present at the House of Science this afternoon and obtained the first results of our testing…

As mentioned earlier, we are studying three different release methods to form a cloud of copper particles: a spray approach with a basic spray set up (nozzle, atomiser, liquid) where we mix the copper particles with aceton, we are also testing a method which we call the “fire extinguisher” where we simply will spray out the particles using a similar approach as a real fire extinguisher and in the third and last method we are using gun powder to spread out the particles.

Today we received some first results (!!), this from the first testing of the gun powder approach: we obtained electron microscope pictures of the copper sample used in the testing, see above for one of these pictures. The hearts were quite unexpected yet It is very exiting to start seeing results of the ideas we have discussed and worked on for quite some time now. This week the fire extinguisher set up is being tested, it was built by Simon before he left and hopefully soon we will also test the last, yet first mentioned, spray approach! We are just waiting for the atomiser to arrive.

Its very exiting to see the results of these methods soon coming up, which method will be chose? Time will soon tell!


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