Work Breakdown

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Sooo, the bachelor students are planning and spreading out their work load over the spring. We are officially not allowed to spend more than 400 hours on this project during this semester. To make this reasonable believable, each one of us is making a state of the art project plan. This includes Gantt Charts, Risk Analysis and a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure).

There are many different software’s to choose from, when doing these planning documents. I will here give you an example of how a WBS, made in LaTeX, may look like:


You could also do some minor adjustments to give the reader a picture of which parts of the project  take more time:


Ok, LaTeX is for free, which is a really good advantage. But as a student at KTH, you can get your own copy of almost any work environment. I don’t believe that you would come even close to the same amount of time aligning pictures, even in Microsoft Word. In LaTeX, putting your pictures in boxes on minipage’s in table’s is the easy way. Well, enough ranting.

I will use LaTeX tomorrow, and the day after. LaTeX wins.

/The SCRAP team


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