Student Training Week in Kiruna

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20140304_084018So now the student training week has unfortunately come to an end and it’s back to work at KTH (on top of the exams we all have this week). The training week has been very informative but also rather busy with lectures from 8 am to 6 pm most days. Then again, we were pretty good at enjoying ourselves at the end of the day, but those pictures will NOT be shown on the official SCRAP experiment webpage… Let’s just say that if you can’t buy the beer at Esrange, you bring it yourself. 😀

We also got to see some nice parts of northern 20140304_091012Sweden such as the Kiruna Mine and the Icehotel. Actually we kinda had our own local guide (Hannes), but he wasn’t there for the Kiruna trip (which is kind of understandable as it might feel somewhat pointless to be a tourist in your own town).20140307_14461820140307_160127

20140307_16024120140307_155215The SCRAP experiment would like to sincerely thank all the other teams for a great week but most importantly the supervisors from ESA, SSC, ZARM and DLR whose commitment to the project has made all of this possible. Good luck everyone and we will see each other next time in Germany at CDR!

And oh, don’t worry, the pictures shown are only of the things we were specifically told we could show you, so there’s no secret material here (I hope).



the SCRAP team


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