Going from PDR to CDR

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At the 6th of April the SCRAP team submitted an updated version of the SED (i.e. SED v1.1) in which we described our chosen particle release method: The gun cotton approach! Aka Simon’s baby which has now charmed the whole team.

Right now the SCRAP team are taking the gun cotton approach to the next level by going into more detail of the CAD design, refining it and by the end of the month start with making the final drawings of it. The bachelor students are close to an end with their project course but most if not all of them will remain in the team and continue to work on their parts and possibly other fields. The Critical Design Review (CDR) is soon coming up which means the team will as soon as the members summer plans are final decide who to send. The SCRAP team is one of the bigger teams and because of it and the opportunities of exchange studies etc its hard to always have everyone gathered but we are managing it pretty well as the members abroad have continued to follow and contribute to the work.

In the SED v1.1 the team also included a Gantt Chart for the time period between the PDR and CDR, internally also referred to as period 4 (as it corresponds to at KTH somewhat), see figure below. Before the CDR there is a lot to do, formost there has to be drawings of all components in our FFU made which means at this points the testing of particle release refinements will be long forgotten and a final virtual model will be ready and submitted in the SED v.2.0 sent in before the CDR.

The preliminary date of the CDR is the 23rd-25th of June and will be held at DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany!  Before that we also hope to have ISAAC’s RMU and start to make modifications to it and estimations of our final weights.

PDR_to_CDR_5 copy


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