Warming-up for tests

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This week, and the following one SCRAP team is making the point of the situation about items which are needed for the entire experiment in general, and in particular, for the making of the vacuum chamber tests. Infact, chosen a new kind of approach, that is the cartridge one, some items are missing in the lab, so a parts’ list is going to be ready for order.

In the following picture we can see a sketch of the new approach. In this case the guncotton will be ignited by a current-driven wire. In order to a have a good ignition (hence with an high temperature), the resistance have to be very high, that’s why we cannot use any material, but a specific one is needed, that is kanthal. Once the kanthal wire will be available and ready to be installed inside the cartridge, the Fluid Dynamics group will continue to test inside the vacuum chamber.




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