Ignition System

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In the wake of the topic of the last post, we will discuss now the prototype of the complete ignition system. When we talk about complete ignition system we refer to the setup of the electric circuit, the ignitors and the cartridges that will be mounted on each of the two FFUs. The system consists of two electric circuits connected in parallel, each featuring a series of five ignitors and cartridges: in total, ten cartridges per FFU.

To understand the reason why we need a circuit in parallel, it is necessary to know that it is important, to ensure the ignition of all the cartridges, that the current in the circuit is uniform and high enough. So, why don’t we connect everything in series? Well, the circuit is powered by a SAFT battery that provides 4 V: if we connect all the cartridges in series, the resulting resistance is such that the current provided by the battery is too low to ignite the gun cotton.

It is now clear why we connect the cartridges in parallel, five per side. And it is also clear that it is crucial that the assembly of the circuit is perfect and that the resistance in the two branches of the circuit is the same in order to obtain a uniform current flow in both the sides and, finally, a synchronized ignition of the gun cotton.

After different attempts and improvements in the assembly procedure, we succeeded in obtaining a good ignition, enjoy this:


/The SCRAP Team


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