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So in order to ignite the gun cotton, which in turn will eject the copper particles from the cartridges, we need reliable ignitors. The SCRAP team has come a long way from using unreliable glow plugs and fragile wire connections.

Ignitor CAD

The design for the new ignitor was developed and improved over a long time through discussions and rigorous testing. The design is based on a resistor wire through which two amperes of current is conducted, heating the wire which in turn ignites the gun cotton. The wire that connects the two plugs of the ignitor is 2 cm long and 0.2 mm in diameter. This wire needs to be tied to each plug and then crimped into place. Once that is done the entire piece must be glued with epoxy glue to seal the chamber. It is indeed like brain surgery… or rather rocket science… no wait… ROCKET SURGERY!


The manufacturing of the final ignitor prototype is all about good old fashioned manual labor. Complicated, meticulous and eye-tiring labor… at two in the morning. As a matter of fact this post is posted right after the ignitor shown was completed… so yes we are a bit tired, but nothing works unless you do!


Good night!
/The SCRAP team


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