“Do you get any credits?”

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This is one of the most commonly asked questions. The SCRAP team members works on the experiment on a daily basis and our fellow classmates of course are aware of the heavy work load we have and then adding something of this magnitude on top of it seems a bit strange unless we get credits for it. This is not the case for us, if credits was our prior aim I think we can all agree on that any other university course would be an easier pick! However, from this hands-on project, we have gained invaluable experience of how to carry out an aerospace project, every step of the way from idea, proposal, research, design, testing and soon manufacturing.. and the journey does not end here! So many things ahead, for example THE LAUNCH just to mention one. We have also gained a lot of experience in teamwork, outreach, the aerospace industry and networking as well as dealing with multiple tasks at once, sometimes during very high time pressure. But to answer your question: yes many of us have chosen to get some credits for it but its not really proportional to the work one puts in. Hannah, Matteo C and Rasmus are getting rewarded with 15 credits this semester for their work in REXUS, same goes for the bachelor students Linnea, Hannes, Mikael and Joel in form of credits for their thesis work (15 credits). And probably other members in the team will do the same in the future, the bachelor students could possibly take out another 15 on REXUS if active in the team during their master studies. The REXUS Programme, which SCRAP is a part of, encourage the students to get credits for the work and the teams usually present their idea with this at the selection.


Example Report: to obtain the credits the SCRAP members each would have to write a report that covers what they have worked with during their time in the team and attach their written contributions to the team. 


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