This thriller is killing me

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This thriller is killing me

As you all know, REXUS 15/16 Launch Campaign is going on right n… What?! You did not know about the launch campaign?!
Ok, Ok, all cool, but you can get updated, just like this page on Facebook! Right now!

So, as we were talking, the launch campaign is going on. In Esrange, Sweden, students and experts from all over Europe join forces to assemble in two rockets the endeavors they have been working in the past one and a half year.

Then, when everything is ready, the suspense begins: The rocket is carried to the launch pad and only when the engineers are completely sure that every single thing is working nominally, the countdown starts.

SCRAP Experiment understand the significance of this moment to all teams involved and wish the best of lucky to all of them. Particularly to ISAAC, since their experiment will provide very useful information to ours. Simply, we will share the same rocket module and same ejection system. So, I think you can imagine how much excited we are!

The launch was schedule for today at 08:00 o’clock and this are the messages that popped up in REXUS page:


New attempt tomorrow. We will cross our fingers!


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