Critical Design Review in Oberpfaffenhofen

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Monday the 23rd of June: Hannah, Rasmus, Alexander, Matteo, Simon and Hannes reunited in Munich for the CDR at Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- ind Raumfahrt. It was quite a mission bringing the SCRAP members together but Hannah organised it with the REXUS Programme and the SCRAP members and finally Hannah was joining from Hamburg, Alexander from Munich, Hannes from Paris, Simon from Lisbon and Rasmus and Matteo from Stockholm. Luckily the team consists of 15 people and usually around 10 home at KTH so work can continuously progress and tasks that doesn’t require lab work or CAD NX are often allocated to the people away.

At Tuesday the 24th of June SCRAP Joined the RX18 Interface discussion after receiving an email from the REXUS programme where it was written that SCRAP was going on the RX18 rocket, turned out to have been a typo and the team was two hours early. But hey never hurts to be early… except the stress in the morning and running along autobahn..

We then had Lunch at DLR shortly followed by lectures on Environmental Testing, REXUS Campaign, “Ask an Expert” session where we got to ask all of our questions and discuss some concerns with different experts from ESA, DLR, SNSB and SSC. Then we had our own Interface discussion where we discuss the hazard and possible interferences with other experiments going on the same rocket. This is of course very critical to think about as a lot could go wrong otherwise. We need to make sure we do not cause any danger to other experiments or to the success of their research.


Then it was time for the British team WUSAT to have their CDR so SCRAP joined the other teams in the auditorium where we lived streamed the Italy-Urugay world cup game… even though it was not a successful game for Italy the italian team PHOS kept their spirits up!

Afterwards a bus came to pick us all up to drive us around the beautiful countryside and off to an extremely authentic bavarian restaurant, and when i say bavarian I MEAN LEDERHOSEN! We had a lovely night and it was great seeing each other and the other teams again!

10450739_10154315208275296_7144905998501143324_n 10509727_10154315208395296_3863350889795067871_n 10491209_10154315208300296_5343523255989967276_n

The day after we had our own CDR! We presented the progress of our experiment and had a 2 hour session with the panel where hot topics were the recovery of the free falling units after launch. This is a HUGE topic regarding safety that we will ensure, with several locks to be safe to retrieve that being with mechanical pin lock and pressure sensors and possibly electronic solutions as well are being looked into. More about this to come in its own blog post! 🙂 There was also critic on the current status of the electronic progress being to far back and the SCRAP team have had high focus on the physical, optical, cloud dynamics and mainly mechanical development and will now steer the focus more into electronics and manufacturing. A couple of members will however of course still carry on the cloud dynamics research.


After the CDR the team had a last lunch together and then parted from Munich at different times and days back to: Hamburg, Stockholm, Kiruna, Milano and Alexander staying in Munich.



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