Month: November 2014

SCRAP goes to Tromsø!

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Good morning everybody!

As we are posting, three members of the SCRAP team are packing their stuff to go to Tromsø, Norway, were in the next two days they will perform tests and simulation with the EISCAT radar.

We want to recall you that the EISCAT radar, located in a valley close to the city of Tromsø, is the radar that we will use to investigate the interaction between the copper microparticles that our FFUs will release in the upper atmosphere, and the plasma of the environment.

Updates from the test campaign will follow!

Stay tuned 😉


Rosettas Philae is set to land on coment today

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Just as the SCRAP experiment will eject two free flyers ESA’s Rosetta will release its Philae lander (well, kind of similar) today to attemp the first landing on a coment ever! The lander will be released at about 10 o’clock. At about 5 o’clock the ‘YES, I MADE IT’ signal from the Philae lander is expected. Follow live updates on