Month: January 2015

Getting ready for the final test week

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Since Integration Week in Bremen are elapsed a couple of weeks by now but we haven´t forget you and want to give you an update – better late than never – on how things are going on! 😉

Although it was an exciting week in Bremen we came home with some additional work. During the vibration test our FFUs started moving within the RMU and the hatches were pushed outwards a couple of millimetres. Assuming that we could disturb the flight of rocket by extended hatches we were kindly asked to figure out some improvements.

So back in Stockholm our race against the time has started. The last weeks we modified some important components of the ejection system. But when we were starting to go for a second vibration test, we found out that there exist no adapter plate to combine our experiment with the vibration table we have in Stockholm. So we had to build our own one…

After some very stressful days we finally won the race – thanks to Simon and Rasmus for a great work!

Vibration test at Innventia

During the second vibration test fortunately no more failures occurred! So we could carry out some final tests, checking on how our FFUs are performing in vacuum and at temperatures between -30 and +60 degrees. But even completely frozen they are still performing very well! 🙂

Brrr … freezing cold in here

So since everything is working to our total satisfaction we are ready for the final bench test in Munich this week!